Okinawa Kyouiku Production-Textbook production, Academic publications, and Advertisement work



Creating math and science education inbustry from Okinawa!

       Our company is "the Few and the Proud" that people who were working in editing and publishing business for many years gathered.
        Education is a industry which create future of a country, and the base is "communication" and "development" based on that.    Japan with few natural resource has to develop by producing excellent engineers and researchers, and by aiming to be scientific and technological powerhouse.
       Our company was founded in Okinawa as a company which work on math and science educational and academic publishing operations.    Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology was founded in November 2011, and scientific and technological education in Okinawa is gradually developing.    Okinawa have own challenges, however, I feel a mission for educational industry to create human resources which redeems those challenges.